Governor Perry, A Drug Dealer’s Best Friend

My Doctor, Dr. T_____s asked me to write this three months ago.  He is in this text, the doctor who had shingles.

There is so much out there about our candidates, but there is one issue, upsetting the patients and pain care MD’s here in Houston. It all stems back to the bassackwards way of governing that Perry inherited from his predecessor.

As we all know, George Bush decided that when your neighbor attacks you from their home across the street, the best way to handle it is to knock off the neighbor right next door. After all, he was a friend of the neighbor across the street.

For those who have no idea of whence I came, does Saddaam Hussein ring a bell?  

A questionable arrest peppered with allegations and subsequent “license review: has become the norm in our Houston Chronicle.

One arrested for being the number 1 hydrocodone prescriber.

Now, guess what? There is a NEW no.1 hydrocodone prescriber, because the OLD one, his or her predecessor is now out of business. What do you think he/she is going to do? What if you were his/her first patient the day after this arrest?

No doubt, you will be walking out the door with an 800 mg script for naproxen. And a hardy admonition, quite puzzling since the month before, you and he/she had been in agreement that the course of treatment was acceptable.

Pain doctors are running to other states because they all know how close they can come to having this crown of thorns pressed into their already overworked brows. This has reached the country as well, yet not at such a ridiculous rate as Texas

The one’s who stayed have strict by laws, the most ridiculous is you have to be a permanent resident and they will not see you until you have lived here a year.

Yet, if you are a chronic pain patient, or, just a person who has a bad headache and find out your doctor will not “write”, your next step is to find a doctor who will help you.

Thus, you acquire the moniker of  ‘Doctor Shopper”.  

If you happen to be at a new clinic, and the DEA is looking for some entertainment, you most likely will find yourself in the company of people who are somewhat less desirable, in the back of the hypothetical paddy wagon.

The following is a quote from the Texas Medical Licensing Law site:

With respect to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, the TSBP has been setting an average of at least two pharmacies, along with the employed pharmacists, every month for temporary suspension hearings. A temporary suspension hearing is an extraordinary remedy designed to immediately remove from operation a pharmacy or pharmacist whose continued practice represents an ongoing threat to the public welfare. A temporary suspension bypasses the normal disciplinary procedure by allowing the Pharmacy Board to immediately remove a licensee from practice pending a final resolution by the Board.

Such hearings can be held with little or no notice to the licensee and are decided by a three-member panel of the Board rather than an independent administrative law judge. For a number of reasons, these hearings are almost always difficult for the licensee. As the Board panel is generally comprised of lay persons without a legal background, the rules of evidence are usually only loosely followed if at all. The short notice given to the pharmacist or pharmacy, oftentimes less than two weeks, permits little preparation time especially given it typically takes the licensee a few days even to locate an attorney. Most importantly, as the panel is comprised of Board members, the hearing’s decision-makers are usually very sympathetic and receptive to the arguments and evidence presented by Board Staff.

 A licensee often, and not without good reason, has the impression that the deck has been stacked against them.

Uh…yah that.  Some may read that and say..well so what..others will get it.  They go after whomever and shut them down, sometimes long before trial causing problems for Doctors, their employees and patients alike.

The board keeps changing the rues to encompass the people they think they can encumber quickly

Remember the ads with the smiling pharmacist, acting like your best friend? Ready to take care of YOU, not wanting to inconvenience, but wanting to make certain your needs are fulfilled?

Forget it!

You might as well put on a clown outfit and walk into said pharmacy with your oversized converse shoes. Because that is how you are going to be treated. They look at your history, see the refill was due, but the doctor forgot to call it in.

God Forbid! It be a weekend. You are doubly fucked. The pharmacist can see a history, sometimes of years, knowing it is legitimate. You are a regular fixture, they know you by name, they maybe have know you for years, including your family. Yet, they are the new Pontius pilot, washing their hands with DEA encrusted soap.

I called my Dr. on Thursday, for a Friday refill. The Doctor’s officey called me and told me it was called in. I called Walgreens on Friday and they said they had it. I walked there, in the heat – a mile and got there at 5:15 pm.

There was a mixup, and the pharmacist said it was never called in. So there is it, I called the Doctor in a responsible fashion, they called the pharmacy, the pharmacy told me it was ok. I enter the pharmacy after hours, before a 3 day weekend, and a pharmacy that has been dealing with me for a year with no problems not only screwed up but were limited by these laws to do anything about it.

“I will lose my license”, ““Why” you ask, “you know  I get these every month, can’t you at least just give me enough to get through until he is back n his office?

 “Absolutely NOT, The DEA will have my neck”.

 And so it goes, the new mantra of physician and pharmacy alike.

As a matter of fact, don the same outfit if you are thinking of going to the ER for a solution. You can walk in holding your detached left arm in your right hand, and you will most certainly be ridiculed by the staff for begging for pain relief. The costume is just your way of having fun while they do it.

I was sitting in my doctor’s office having a consult, when his phone rang.

He begged my forgiveness, but he was waiting for HIS doctor to call so he could get a refill on HIS pain meds. He had shingles on his face. He was so frustrated after trying to get in touch with him for days.

You see, they cannot write for themselves. Which is ridiculous. It’s not as if they would have a habitual running problem with writing, this most certainly can be discovered easily enough. Why penalize the entire medical community because one or two do not have ethics. And I can PROMISE you, the Doctor’s that do so, will continue to do so. All they have to do is find someone to accept the script and have it filled. They are doing it today, as I write this. No solution there.

By now, you are wondering how and why. Welcome to Tort reform

About 3 years ago, after men and women were coming home from Afghanistan and the like, the rate of suicide suddenly rose. Then Michael Jackson decided to treat himself to home spun anesthesia.An investigation/study showed that drug trafficking in Texas as at an all time high. Our governor saw this as an “opportunity” to be the GREAT CRIME STOPPER  and ran with it. He dropped all kinds of stuff out of his already overflowing satchel of “how to be president of the United States when no one is looking” tricks to fit this new mess in there.

He needed to get numbers and results. It did not matter if one had nothing to do with the other. He was on his rode to the White House and all he needed were words, and statistics. He would get some of those magnetic number and letter kits,magnetic,

put them  up on the refrigerator and then spell out words given to him by his nanny,

Deputy Doodah   deputy dodah Dewherst.

He would first put up the words he liked, and then deputy Dew would give him numbers from the alleged statistics, starting with the biggest and on down. Then Perry matches the words he prefers with the numbers that work for him.  Finally taking out construction paper and his brand new box of crayons and voila Tort reform!

Captain Perry and Deputy Dewherst confuse the issues once again..homer Instead of going after the drug pushers, he is going after doctors and pharmacies.

Four years later, drug trafficking is at an all time high, as is overdosing, addiction and liver disease, valuable employee down time and finally, drug related arrests..

You see, now that doctors can not treat t their patients pain problems, patients are taking to the streets, pill mills. They are self medicating.

Since the doctor is not in charge of how these patients get their meds, they are no longer moderated and given only the required dose and NO MORE. ‘

Now they can get an unlimited supply. And anyone on pain meds knows, including those of you self righteous “Oh, I take pain medication, but I don’t abuse it and I am not addicted”.

If you are on pain meds, you are addicted. But guess what? That’s not a crime.

 Addiction sounds ugly but in reality, our addictions span a range without limitations. From food to movies. And some of these addictions are necessary.

If you are in pain, and on medication, you most likely ARE ADDICTED.

But if you have chronic pain, something you will have for the rest of your life, what does it matter? Just like diabetes, you will need to have medication, regulated to address the issue.

Pain is considered the fourth symptom

Patients who do NOT need this medication at a regular interval, i.e. 30 days, but intermittently, headaches etc. are finding doctors reluctant to treat. Some have even forfeited the “right to write” downsizing their prescription pads to omit controlled substances.

Shrugging their shoulders,

“Sorry, I cannot give you those” they say, “I would rather you be in pain than me be in jail” they don’t say, out loud.

Since when do doctor’s allow anyone to tell them how to doctor? I have tried to tell them and I have gotten reprimanded like a child.

So, in order for these poor people to be able to continue to work, or take care of their everyday life during these episodes of pain, they are buying from street dealers and finding they like what they are taking.

What the hell, they do not have to put up with their doctors questioning refills.

Why not buy more?

As a matter of fact, this is far easier than seeing a doctor. No appointment, no waiting, no explaining, no humiliation from Doctor or pharmacy. Now we have a completely new level of addiction. Addicts with additional insult of chronic health issues.

Without doctors to make certain a patient is not experiencing additional health problems due to excessive drug use, screening for liver and kidney problems, these patients end up with advanced health issues, some irreversible..

This is also, why the drug overdosing is at an all time high. No regulation.

And drug related suicides?

Does Perry really think he can stop suicides?

Thus was his soap box issue, suicides from drug overdosing. He was going to stop this by arresting doctors who issue such medications?!???

Do we all not know that if someone wants to kill themselves, nothing is going to stop them?

Drug trafficking in Texas is at another all time high. These people are making money hand over fist and will continue to pat Mr. Perry on the back, doing what they can to make certain his law stays law.

And they will continue to make more and more.

Money and Drugs.

Sometimes the drugs that are not regulated, contain substances that are dangerous. The pharmacies are losing money to these fiends. The pharmacies are there for just that reason, but without their supervision, the dealers can do as they please. They could care less about well being, they aren’t in it for the patient’s sake.

People are being arrested.

Nothing sadder than a 72 year old woman who can barely make it to her seat, having to plead guilty to buying medicine that can make her days a little easier.

And work.

SSDI has had a huge rise from workers no longer being able to do their job from chronic pain issues. More loss for these companies due to excessive sick days.

 I asked  Dr. B___K, an anesthesiologist from St. Luke’s, how he feels.

“It’s great, we are seeing a rise of patients electing for surgery for their pain instead of medication”

Oh, well, ok then, …WHAT!!!

For those who have chosen the legal route, thus, relinquishing their comfort, but attaining a level of respect from the medical community, getting off these pain meds is far easier. .


A marvelous drug. Acts like a placebo. It is not, it just eliminates the horrible drug withdrawal. But you cannot get high. It is very costly and prescription drug programs barely cover the cost. And they have no patient assistance programs.  They don’t need to.  And they are in the UK.  Another American insult.

Oh and a dose of Seroquel, the new Prozac.

Now everyone that has had drug issues, is choosing the Suboxone route, they are sub diagnosed with Bi-polar. And treated with Seroquel. Which is egregious when you know someone who actually is Bi-polar, having their affliction derailed by “posers” needing their meds.

And the pay back to the doctor and pharmacies is realistically, a wonderful pocket padder.

Doctors who sympathized with these legitimate maladies and helped, now ridicule their patients, passing the responsibility,  telling them they need to take these new meds.

The old medications, used for over 100 years, are no longer any good.

Yet new drugs… ok, lets talk Tort reform. How many law suits are out there for these new drugs,? Costing us millions during the prescription phase and then 100’s of millions during the lawsuit phase from new complications from these meds, including, dying?

Every time I turn around, a doctor is trying to prescribe something new brought in by a drug rep

 “It’s non addicting”.

 What he is not saying:

“You will likely have other issues, such as a kidney, liver or lung transplant. Alternatively, a brain tumor, loss of speech, hearing seeing and oh… A gambling addiction”

.Perry has taken a page from Bush’s “Solution for 911″. Find an easier target to pay for the crime” And that is doctors and pharmacies, and ultimately the average Texas citizen. Perry attacks the doctors and pharmacies for what the drug dealer is doing.  Thus enabling dealers, disabling the medical community.

Kill the neighbor next door, who is a pain in the butt, but NOT the problem. The real culprit, the guy across the street? He’ll get the message when he sees the guy next door laying dead on his lawn.

It sounds simplistic, because it is.

It is Rick Perry.

©   This material is the copyright of  Dianne Schuch Lindsey and cannot be duplicated in any fashion without the express permission of the Author.    All rights reserved

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